Featured Trip: Spring PNW Road Trip

By Blaine Scinta

“Having a vehicle that we could trust to get us through the different terrain went a long way. “


We headed out to Portland and traveled through Washington/Oregon to catch some elevation gain and Pacific breeze. The Pacific Northwest is a playground for those who love the good outdoors. With incredible sunsets, beautiful waterfalls, and majestic mountaintops that disappear into the clouds, it’s hard to pin down what exactly makes this gem so precious. With hundreds of miles worth of road, and so much to see we decided to team up with Wonderland Expeditions, hopped in a camper rig and headed out to the great outdoors.

Spring can be hit or miss when it comes to weather in the Pacific Northwest. Within a span of 10 miles you can go from a beautiful coastline with a brisk ocean breeze, to snow covered roads with calm flurries falling through the pines. Having a vehicle that we could trust to get us through the different terrain went a long way.


We headed north, through Washington with Shi Shi Beach as the destination in mind. A few backroads later, three playlists, and a whole bunch of meal bars we arrived to the trailhead. After a 3 mile hike, we made it just in time to capture an incredible sunset.


I’ve camped in cold conditions before, and one of the worst feelings is waking up in the middle of the night because you feel like your feet were about to freeze off. With all of the equipment that the vehicle had to offer, the chilly nights were more than comfortable and the warmer nights gave way to a tent attached to the roof where the only thing you could hear was the peaceful sound of trees and the wind in between the pines. The next morning, we woke up, and headed south.

The Oregon Coast gave us a place to escape the chill. We traded the snow for some sunshine and enjoyed some much needed beach time. We headed south to Cape Kiwanda and spent the day at one of the most beautiful spots on the Oregon Coast enjoyed a burger, and hiked up the cliff to take in the beautiful sight of waves as they clashed against the rocks.


Nothing beats a good sunset. If you’re like me, sunsets are almost a “recharge” where you can slow down, and look at how much bigger life is than just any one of us. The truck had 4x4 drive, which gave us access to the ultimate front row seat to an incredible sunset over the ocean. It's the little moments such as this that are etched away in our memory, and bring that feeling of joy when we look back and remember.


Long drives have always provided moments for great conversations, and an opportunity for the unexpected to come along and give you something better than you ever planned. We headed inland, and through the pines to arrive at Drift Creek Falls.

Getting from one place to another can be stressful when you’re not equipped (that makes a pretty decent life motto if you ask me). The same thing goes for transportation, and having a vehicle that allowed us to see the best of the Pacific Northwest went a long way.